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Alfa Romeo won its first F1-race 65 years ago

15 May 2015 16:21 No comments


Right before the Museo Storico reopens, Alfa Romeo is happy to remind us that the legendary 158 – on show in the new museum – won its first F1-race exactly 65 years ago. The ‘Alfetta’ of ‘Nino’ Farina finished first on Silverstone on May 13th 1950. Farina’s was one of the four (picture below) competing Alfas. We also see the ones of Fagioli, Fangio and the Brit Regio Parnell who competed in the race in honor of his native country.


The most legendary of all is of course that the entire podium was filled with men in Alfa Romeo-uniform. It illustrated the powerfulness of the brand from Arese that, before the war, scared the hell out of the Germans and returned to motorsports shortly after despite a severe bombing. The ‘3 Fs’ – which is what Farina, Fangio and Fagioli were called – showed the world what Italians and Alfa were born with; racing pedigree. Alfa Romeo is now to reemerge from the ashes in its 105th year of existence. Are we allowed to dream and hope we might see the brand back where it belongs? Being on the highest level of motorsports.



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