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Alfa Romeo testing new technique in ‘Scudetto’

22 September 2014 17:24 6 comments


It seems like Alfa Romeo is working on getting their (safety) technique up to par with other premium brands. This awkward Giulietta without grille indicates that Alfa is working on its future gizmos. The legendary heart-shaped grille was removed from this particular Alfa – spotted in Turin – to make place for special sensors. This might indicate the testing of active safety systems for Alfa Romeo which can help the car anticipate and react to a vehicle or other obstacle in front of it. These are safety and luxury systems that have been offered on other premium brands for quite a while already, and now Alfa is planning to catch up. Maserati, too, are most likely working on this technique as their models aren’t equipped with it yet. The successor to the Giulietta and the new D-segment models (Giulia + SUV) will most likely come with some sensors behind the Scudetto, then.

The same photographer also managed to catch a slightly camouflaged 4C (picture below) on camera. This might mean a more powerful version with Quadrifoglio Verde-badge is in the making. Alfa Romeo plans to update their 4C every year for the next half decade by means of limited and unlimited versions.




  1. bobman says:

    What’s going on with this site? No postings for a month.

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  2. bobman says:

    Goodness, if this continues, I’m going to have to remove this link from my bookmarks. Waste of click time.

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  3. Rob says:

    There’s loads of stories on the Dutch site, not surprisingly since loads has been going with FCA recently.

    Do you guys need a translator or something?

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  4. Ricardo says:

    @trashbat / @bobman

    Due to busy schedules of our English writer we are not up-to-date at the moment. We will be back as soon as possible. Of course you are free to contact us if you are a Dutch and English speaker to assist us in busy times. 😉

  5. Rob says:

    Afraid not – happy to unmangle the auto-translated version into workable English copy, but sadly that’s the best I can offer.

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  6. Jokes says:

    I just love alfa romeos ..

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