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Alfa Romeo SUV in development

1 February 2013 9:03 5 comments


According to a source with close connections to the management of Fiat, Alfa Romeo is now working fulltime to get their first SUV ready. This should be a quite compact C-segment SUV with sporty characteristics; as an Alfa Romeo should be. The intention is to make the car fairly unique and put it up against the Range Rover Evoque (which is a difficult opponent). FGA wants to market this car as a full-on premium product, so say these first rumors.

They expect to get immediate results in the US with this car. The name is not yet known, but they have been considering this SUV ever since the 2004 Kamal-concept. Production should take place in Mirafiori, while the launch date is said to be 2015.



  1. Dannyboy says:

    Yes an SUV is very nice – but PLEASE,PLEASE, Alfa Romeo, produce a new 2+2 GT. For me this type of car epitomises the Brand.

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  2. Diego says:

    Look at Alfa’s bigger brother, Maserati, for the best-looking, best-sounding GT. The GranTurismo Sport is probably the best GT out there. I’m afraid Alfa has no such car planned on the short term.

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  3. pumadog says:

    Curiously the SUV wasn’t mentioned by Alfa/Fiat officials since a long time. When recently asked about upcoming Alfa models with an actual production number, a spokesperson said Giulia, Giulia SW and Spider. Where’s the SUV?

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  4. Diego says:

    Well, the SUV is included in the production plan… So it will definitely be produced. 🙂
    Perhaps they didn’t have enough information yet at the time of that interview?

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  5. pumadog says:

    Where? AFAIK there’s only undefined cars in the latest presentations…

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