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Alfa Romeo plans building Giulia on two sites

11 June 2012 16:46 No comments

The British Autocar reports that Alfa Romeo plans to build the upcoming Giulia at two different production facilities around the world. At which plants the D-segment car will be produced is still open, although one of the plants for sure is in America (probably Sterling Heights, Michigan). One would expect the other assembly plant to be located in Italy, but this is not a fact. The insider by Alfa Romeo spoke about two different locations ‘in the world’.

To build the new Giulia in Italy would be one of the preferred scenarios. For Italy it would be very important to build this elegant saloon and Sportwagon, looking at the European market. It would be a revival of old times and the brand would be honored with this car build in Italy. Plans for starting the production are on schedule. Not only our editors got this information last month in Turin, but also AutoCar confirms this information. That the car will be 4,8 meters long and have rear wheel drive was not mentioned this time. But we know that this will be the case. In conclusion this news tells us that the Giulia will be the starting point for other derivatives, like a coupe. The car is the ‘beating heart’ of Alfa Romeo’s future intentions.


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