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Alfa Romeo plans 6C for 2014 together with Dodge

9 January 2012 20:04 No comments

Alfa Romeo is working on a new Spider and Coupé, presumably with the name 6C, and will be positioned between the beautiful 8C and 4C. The new creation by FGA will get a straight six cylinder engine, rear-wheel driven and will share a lot of technique with a new Dodge, like the case of the Giulietta-Dart. The scène of this indirect information came out at the NAIAS Auto Show in Detroit, North America’s most important car show of the continent. As Auto Edizione we are of course (primarily) concerned with ‘Italian’ car news.

In the same period from 2014 onwards, Dodge will launch the successor of the Challenger. This retro model (picture) is known for it’s size and shares its platform with the Charger and Chrysler 300/Lancia Thema (LY-platform). The new model will be a bit shorter than the Challenger but will likely be given the no less terrifying name ‘Barracuda’. Just like the Plymouth Barracuda (used to be part of Chrysler) from the early seventies. The new Dodge Challenger will come to the stage in a year when Ford celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Mustang, and a possible 6th generation Chevrolet Camaro from GM will be launched. Another clash between these titans then is inevitable.

Technically the American brands will have to use much of the technology currently in development by FPT and Ferrari. New V6 (with MultiAir turbo) and V8 engines are presumably within reach at that stage. Alfa Romeo won’t be forgotten in all these technological milestones and will benefit from all the new engines and platforms (like this new 6C). Last but not least, there are also rumours about the new Dodge Viper: with help from Alfa Romeo this could in fact result in a ‘succession’ of the 8C Competizione.


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