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Alfa Romeo MiTo going to the USA?

20 April 2012 14:03 One comment

According to an American website Alfa Romeo claimed the brand name MiTo with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. This is also the case for the initials 4C with registration number 4123672. We know that the 4C will be produced at Modena within one year and will be available for sale in the USA, as well as Europe next spring. It will be the first Alfa Romeo in the US after the 8C Competizione and 8C Spider (picture below). As it looks now the B-segment model will also reach a bigger international audience. As we reported earlier, the MiTo has already arrived at the Brazilian market.

Keeping this in mind we expect the smallest model of the Alfa Romeo range will get a face lift very soon. Alfa thus tries to minimize the gap towards the introduction of newer models ( like the new SUV for example). The MiTo gets some company at its production facility at Mirafiori in Turin. Soon two new models will join the MiTo, these models are based on the renewed version of the platform (Fiat 500X and Jeep mini SUV). Some time ago the top management of Fiat intended to build a 5-door version of the current MiTo on the B-Evo platform. This car is not visible on the production diagram anymore, but it’s to obvious that Alfa Romeo is secretly working on a small new Alfa. Placed in an Alfa Romeo oriented context, it all makes more sense. Sergio Marchionne indicated that the factory at Mirafiori is intended to be leading in exporting globally.It is expected future Alfa Romeo’s will be prepared for overseas deliveries, starting with the current MiTo.

 8C Spiders at a showroom of a USA Maserati dealership


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  1. pumadog says:

    Is that new “production diagram” to be seen anywhere? The latest investor plan I saw had a Mito update in early 2013 and a 5-door version in the 2nd half…

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