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Alfa Romeo Giulia with RWD and KERS

6 August 2012 17:50 5 comments

The next Alfa Romeo Giulia will have RWD and AWD. AutoEdizione received this information from the Italian newspaper La Reppublica. The newspaper has spoken to some people who are involved in the development project of the Alfa Romeo Giulia. After last weeks rumours about front- and 4WD, internal sources mentioned to the press that it definitely is RWD with optional 4WD. Alfa Romeo aims to position the new Giulia next to other prestigious models of the brand, like the 4C, the Duetto and a future top of the range model. We contacted our spokesperson in Turin about this information and he repeated his earlier statement without discussing the topic.

Although just like our readers we become more and more impatiently on the arrival of the new Giulia. And we are also confused by the rumours, but we stay focused and resume on our first impression that Alfa Romeo wants to develop a saloon with great handling and stability which will of course be influence by sportiness. This will be the newest derivative in the great history of the brand from Milan. The use of a RWD platform for this car will make a strong marketing impact and gives Alfa Romeo the advantage it is looking for. This would facilitate the road to success even more.

Within the Fiat Group the priority was set high for the brand development of Alfa Romeo. Alfa Romeo should be rehabilitated to the stand it deserves, nothing less is acceptable. The goal is to give the Giulia the features and characteristics the consumer expects it to have. The development not only stops at great handling and other nowadays ‘taken for granted’ features like safety, prestige should also be incorporated into the D-segment model. And if this D-segment model is an Alfa Romeo than it gets an even higher priority. This also explains the cooperation with Maserati.

The next Giulia will be fitted with longitudinal placed engines, that vary from a newly developed 1750, 4 cylinder engine till also a newly developed V6. The customer can choose between a lot of different power outputs. The V6 diesel engine will be offered with 2 or 3 turbo’s. Even the introduction of a Hybrid version (with a KERS-system, also used in F1) is possible according to La Reppublica. This Kers-system would operate in combination with the high-end powered versions of the Giulia (GTA?). Maserati will also use this Hybrid system for its E-segment model. This shared technology will also be adapted by the future top of the range model by Alfa Romeo (probably scheduled for 2015). Expected is that this model can be build besides the top of the range models of Maserati. The 2014 Giulia will be built in the US. If everything is according to plan, a coupe version (GT) will be added to the range. The rumours about the mid-size SUV are just as wild, the fact is we don’t know if the same platform (Giulia) will be use to develop this car. Of course looking at the production plans, we noticed that this SUV should get dynamic handling, this points to the Giulia platform. At Jeep (the next Alfa Romeo SUV shares a lot of components with this car) one says that this model will also have RWD and 4WD on a platform which is enhanced to the features of this car.



  1. Alfetta159 says:

    This is a relief if true. D- segment Alfas should be RWD if they want to crack the German domination effectively. 4wd option is also good. So it goes against what Mr. Marchionne said at the CAR interview? Did he do it purposely to detract competitors? Was he just having some fun? Now while they are at it a transaxle like the Alfetta will be great to differentiate even further! 😉

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  2. pumadog says:

    Totally agree with Alfetta159! Just recently (mother got a Giulietta) my father said he’d love to drive an Alfa again if it was RWD. He recently had BMW 5er, X5 and M3, after several Alfas in the 70s and 80s. And I think the same goes for many people – even if just for image/marketing.

    I didn’t have the chance to read the CAR magazine. Was the FWD claim really part of the Marchionne interview or just of the general article?

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  3. Alfetta159 says:

    Yes pumadog it was. He said something like he prefered his RS6 to his M5 (two cars he had previously owned) because in the snow 4WD was so much beneficial than RWD. He said the Giulia will have FWD and 4WD.

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  4. pumadog says:

    Strange then! But the Q4 option should solve his issues with an RWD Alfa. 😛

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  5. Alfetta159 says:

    This week Autocar also says the Giulia will be FWD. I hope they are all wrong.

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