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Alfa Romeo Giulia and 4C powered by newly developed V6

13 September 2012 13:29 No comments

Marchionne mentioned something about new engines for the Alfa Romeo Guilia and 4C at the Las Vegas dealer show. Of course the cars will be powered by the newly developed 1,8 TBI engines, but listening closely to Sergio Marchionne also a new V6 engine is possible. The CEO mentioned an engine which has been developed in cooperation with Ferrari. Something we heard before when referring to Maserati and pointing straight to a new version of the V6 engine. The V6 will have 3200 cc and could be offered with and without a turbo. This version of the 4C is called 6C, makes sense.

Alfa Romeo will have a nice line-up, a statement which gives us more feedback that the Giulia will be a different kind of car compared to the Chrysler/Lancia in the same segment. The Chrysler 200 / Lancia Flavia will be powered by a V6 Pentastar, probably a different version than we know today. We would like to repeat our earlier statement (information we received directly from Turin) that the Giulia will be a proper D-segment car which will have RWD. This is partly confirmed by some rumours in the US. In contrast is the information about the V6 in combination with a 9-speeds automatic transmission (produced at Kokoma), this transmission would only be available for cars with FWD. Maybe this is not the case and this transmission is also available for RWD…..

Alfa Romeo will be of the utmost importance in the mid-segment. It will offer luxury cars in addition to the lightweight sportive cars. It will be the ultimate Italian brand operating just under Maserati and Ferrari. Internationally Fiat-Chrysler offers the brands as ‘state-of-the-art’. Lancia is linked to Chrysler, both are offered as premium brand for a larger group of people.



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Alfa Romeo

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