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18 July 2012 16:33 2 comments

The British Car Magazine spoke to CEO Sergio Marchionne about the 2014 Giulia just recently. Some of the most interesting facts confirm our earlier information. The photo above has a very similar photoshop design as earlier attempts. The new Giulia should be the turning point for Alfa Romeo in the US. Marchionne explained why Alfa Romeo needed the time to prepare the brand for the upcoming introduction. Everything had to be adjusted so it would fit in the entire corporate implementation, from design till technology. Within a few years Alfa Romeo should have a model range which is self sufficient. Alfa Romeo should become a prestigious brand and together with Maserati it shall be in the top segment of Fiat-Chrysler. The brands should be strong enough to deal with the competition from Germany in the US, Asian and European markets. The engines will start with the 1,4 and 1,8 liter four cylinder engines up to the newly developed 3,2 V6 (of course there will also be diesel engines available) and an evolved robotised gearbox.

This full D-segment car will be built (according to the latest information) at two locations. Something we already reported during spring this year. The car will be around 4,8 meters long and will have RWD. The new platform is a unique evolution of the Compact US Wide platform and can optionally be enhanced with 4WD. This platform is also the starting point for future Alfa Romeo D-segment cars. The fact that the Giulia will have RWD is also in line with the 4C (which will make its debut next year) and the future 2015 Duetto. The highly expected new E-segment Maserati will also have the option to choose for RWD and 4WD. This car will be introduced, according to schedule, in 2015. How the next C-segment SUV will have its power distribution is still open. Alfa Romeo will of course use a lot of components from the other global brand Jeep. There are also a lot of speculations overseas about other drive options for Jeep besides 4WD.

The design of the Giulia is the work of Lorenzo Ramaciotti (just like the 4C). According to the drawing of Car 1 (image 1) but also according to some impressions (image 2) and rumours straight from Italy (AutoEdizione could get this information) the Giulia will be designed to impress with masculin and robust lines and of course typically Italian design. Some of the design features will be linked to the 8C Competizione and the Giulietta. But the headlights are using a different design approach, more like the 4C. The latter design approach will probably also be applied to the update of the Giulietta and the next MiTo.




  1. Alfetta159 says:

    This statement is a bit hard to beleive – “Within one year Alfa Romeo should have a model range which is self sufficient.”
    Within one year on the 4C and the CSUV will be out right?

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  2. Ricardo says:


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    Misunderstanding… 😉

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