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Alfa Romeo: flagship in 2014, Giulia in 2015

8 January 2013 15:48 6 comments


Alfa Romeo and upcoming launch dates, that’s a bit like discussing when Lindsay Lohan will again be arrested; you know it will happen, but the question is when exactly. Neither client nor importer has any information, only the big bosses in Detroit and Turin do. However, the Italian newspaper La Repubblica now says it has some information too.

The long-awaited Giulia will introduce a completely new platform (and engines) and also a complete D-segment. 2015 has been chosen as the launch year for this range. That is three years after the original launch date, making us tempted to say ‘it’d better be good!‘. The US will be the most important market for the new Alfa Romeo, where it will be (rightfully) positioned as an upper-class brand. As we already knew, we can very soon finally expect the 4C. However, while the convertible version was already planned for next year, we did not yet know that the E-segment flagship will also be launched in 2014. This latter will be manufactured in Turin, while the 4C’s will be coming from Modena.


Two models with a clear statement; Alfa Romeo, together with Maserati (and Ferrari), is among the best things originating from Italy. Following this E-segment model is then the extensive mid-segment range in 2015. This will be the economic basis next to the above-mentioned niche. 2015 appears to be a year where we, Alfisti, should all look forward to, as the – in Japan built – Duetto will also be launched in that same year.

In 2014 then, finally, we will again see a big Alfa Romeo going on sale. This 166-successor will be built in Mirafiori together with the Maserati Ghibli and will (or at least should) be a major threat to the established German brands in the E-segment. With both rear- as well as four-wheel drive, an 8-gear automatic, a V6 petrol (producing over 400 bhp) from Maranello and a V6 diesel (producing over 300 bhp) from Cento by VM Motori as options, things look promising. According to La Repubblica, the Giulia, Giulia Sportwagon, SUV and Duetto will then be launched in 2015. A possible coupe/convertible variant wasn’t mentioned.



  1. Alfetta159 says:

    Not sure if we should laugh or cry 😀

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  2. Diego says:

    We’re just glad that the rumours are now really turning into news, meaning things are becoming reality. We’ve been speculating about new Alfa’s for years now, it’s a relief to finally have something that we can look forward to. 🙂

    But indeed, it’s neither really good news nor really bad news. :-p

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  3. pumadog says:

    Do you rate that article as reliable? They say that the Giulia will be 4.5 meters long (everyone else says 4.8) and that there’s also a D-segment Maserati SUV (while only the big Levante got announced) for 2014…

    I hope they’re wrong because it would mean another year without big additional sales. The 166 successor won’t sell in comparable numbers to the Giulia.

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  4. Diego says:

    We definitely wouldn’t say that this newspaper is 100% sure of their article, but it’s a source we often get our news from. There are also a few reasons why this might very well be true;

    The reason why they are starting with the E-segment flagship is probably because it is simply the most cost-efficient, given the fact that Maserati already needs to produce the Ghibli and that Alfa’s flagship will be based on the same platform.

    The Giulia is an entirely different case, as it is a completely new car which involves a lot of investments and thus a new assembly line. And keep in mind that the Giulia is the basis for not one, but (at least) three models; the sedan, the Sportwagon and the SUV. If they plan to launch all these models in the same year, it will take some time to develop all of them.

    As far as that D-segment Maserati-SUV concerns, there had been rumors before about this, but we didn’t bother reporting them because the official production plan of two months ago showed no sign of this model. At least not before 2016… 🙂

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  5. Alfetta159 says:

    Yes it makes sense to bring whatever is faster to launch as god knows Alfa needs more than 2 cars in their range. Therefore if the E-segment car can be launched quicker, so be it.
    I would have thought that the Giulia, at least in sedan form should be near completion considering that we know that the Chrysler 200 is nearing replacement.

    But the Giulia was to be produced in the US right? However now with the Italian government backed export plan, I guess production will be in Italy instead, and therefore (a little 😉 ) more delay. All speculation but its logical. 😉

    Any news about the face-lifted Giulietta going to the US?

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  6. Diego says:

    Nothing yet on both the MiTo and Giulietta… But you’ll find out as soon as we do of course. 🙂

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