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Alfa Romeo 4C with adjusted TCT transmission in 2012

15 February 2012 22:05 No comments

The Alfa Romeo 4C with 1750 TBI engine will make its long awaited debut in the second half of this year. According to information that came to us lately, the production version will see daylight at (link) the Paris Motor Show the 29th of September. The latest confirms the TBI starts at 230 hp and Alfa’s TCT transmission, developed by Fiat Powertrain, will be adjusted to the performance of the ‘quattro C’. At the start of 2013 in January, a U.S.introduction will follow.

Other crucial steps forward will be taken by Il Biscione from nex year onwards. First of all Chrysler’s factory in Toledo will be the location for Alfa’s first SUV on Compact Wide platform. If history repeates itself (k.o. for the name ‘Kubang’) remains to be seen for the ‘Kamal’ SUV. The Giulia on the other hand will follow up the SUV somewhere in 2013 as a sedan and sportwagon. New investments in Chryslers Sterling Heights factory will have to be made in order to start production there.The realization of a (link) Giulietta SW has not been made official yet, but the option is still open. The factory of Cassino between Rome and Napels could be the location for that. The new 5-door MiTo will be launched halfway 2013 in any case.

The year 2014 will also see the new Spider (6C), with the option of a Coupe (Competizione) ‘GT 6C’ for which a development phase has already been started according to rumours. To conclude, Alfa Romeo will also realize a 4-door saloon. the ‘sucessor’ of the 166. Lets bring it on.


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