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Alfa Romeo 4C will have advanced suspension

29 December 2012 14:36 No comments

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We already had a lot of information, but what you’ll read below is a confirmation of the statistics of the new Alfa Romeo 4C. A few days ago, these appeared in the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della sera. We have listed them for you so you can keep up. The 4C marks the return to the US (presentation in Detroit) and will have a length of approximately 4 meters (13 feet), with a wheelbase of 2,4 meters (8 feet). The total weight will be less than 850 kilos (1875 pounds), which is extremely light, while the new 1.8 Turbo will develop more than 200 bhp. The top speed of this light-weight sports car will exceed 250 km/h (155 mph). Going from 0-100 will take the driver less than 5 seconds.

As was already known, the structure of the platform and the frame will be built with high-quality aluminum, steel (backside) and carbon fiber. The 4C will be the perfect example of how an Alfa Romeo should drive. This is partly because of the advanced higher lay-out of the double wishbone suspension in the front wheels (McPherson in the rear wheels). This causes the tires to be less influenced in situations with strong sideward pressure, leading to more grip. A true sports car then, which will fit perfectly on the track as well. The weight distribution is 40/60, while the transmission is a new variant of the robotized TCT with double dry clutch. Of course also the DNA-system will be found in the new Alfa Romeo 4C.


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