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Alfa Romeo 4C will be available with other headlights

19 April 2013 11:31 No comments

4c headlights

Your editors of AutoEdizione have just returned from an interesting journey in search of the Alfa Romeo 4C through Essen (Germany) and Milan. As earlier reported, the people in Lingotto wisely chose for the well-visited Techno Classica event to display their newest creation towards thousands of true car enthusiasts. The red Launch Edition is truly impressive, but the people whom we talked to over there assured us that we can expect many other things from the 4C over the next years. There will be something to everybody’s liking, for example headlights which will resemble the ones we saw on the concept car in 2011.

The design team, led by Marco Tencone, has actually confirmed this news in an interview and also pointed out that this Launch Edition is really focused on saving weight and getting the maximum performance out of the car. There will, however, be an even sportier version, built specifically for racing. Perhaps Alfa Romeo will be rejoining the race-world like they did with the 33’s in the past? Next to these performance-dedicated versions, there will also be more luxurious variants. The 4C will become available as an open Targa pretty soon and also with a different interior and new headlights.

4c saloni

A little more to the south, in Milan, we again saw this thoroughbred sports car near the international show for interior design. At Magna Pars Suites, where the silver-gray variant of the 4C was to be admired, we were told the same story as in Germany. Alfa Romeo is working on a total comeback and is still developing the exact cars which will be doing the job, so said Federico Goretti of Alfa Romeo Italia. The 4C was shown to the public in two different locations in Europe, but with one clear message: Alfa Romeo is coming back. Alfa-dealers, who were also taking a look at the 4C, even said that a few things had been shown about the Giulia already.


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