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Alfa Romeo 4C in US dealerships in June

25 February 2014 15:24 No comments


From Detroit we’re getting more and more information concerning the launch of Alfa Romeo in the United States via the magnificent 4C. As we knew already, this will mostly take place by means of the Maserati dealer network. A tactically good choice, we think, given the growth the Trident is currently going through and the unique and sporty characteristics of this featherweight Alfa which will certainly be able to draw the attention of Maserati-interestees. The introduction in the US will take place in June.

Where there is no Maserati-dealership at hand, though, the 4C will be exhibited in the more upmarket Fiat-showrooms in America. All of them already know whether they’re getting the honor or not. Detroit News claims this is pretty frustrating to those who didn’t make the list, something we’re happy to believe. They would have loved to use an Alfa 4C as an eye catcher next to the very niche 500-range. We of AutoEdizione have in the meantime witnessed the arrival of a limited Launch Edition-unit in the Netherlands. Expect to see the first pictures, articles and driving impressions early next week. For now we leave you with this wonderful new footage of the 4C at Goodwood, the place where Alfa’s newest pretty much made its first public appearance last year.


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