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Alfa Romeo 4C ‘crashes’ near Turin

18 December 2012 16:09 No comments

4c crash

We already knew that the Alfa Romeo 4C promises to be a light-weight car with lots of power, but here’s a little (unintended) proof. What you’ll see in the video below is a ‘crashed’ 4C alongside a state highway near Turin (Orbassano). The Alfa must have ended up in this situation after a too harsh acceleration when leaving the roundabout. The director in question drove back to have a look at what happened… and record it. Luckily, this ‘Biscione’ got out free of harm.

A funny detail is the sign the Alfa hit which says ‘Spazio Libero’ or ‘Free Space’. The signs further on look a lot less welcoming. A colleague, driving in front of this 4C, stopped his camouflaged Quattroporte a little further up the road.


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