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9 new models as basis for Alfa Romeo’s future

19 December 2012 7:42 6 comments


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you’ve read it right; nine (9!) new models in between the B- and E-segment is the amount that Alfa Romeo will be introducing between next year and 2016. Quattroruote was the first to report this news yesterday. This had been discussed by the Board of Directors of Fiat SpA during a conference in London. We’re expecting more details on the exact production and data in the following days. Alfa Romeo is by far the most important brand for the Italian future of the manufacturer from Lingotto. They’re planning an impressive offensive in the mid and bigger segments. According to the sheet below, Alfa Romeo will launch its models with the correct versatile technical basis, making it able to compete with the well-known premium brands. Europe and North-America will be the most important markets where Alfa will re-establish itself, while Asia should be a ‘promising’ market. The sales intentions for 2016 are, as originally planned, 300.000 units.


The D-segment will be extremely important with the Giulia. A Sportwagon variant will also be launched, together with a sporty SUV. These models are now being developed. The MiTo will be updated next year, shortly followed by the Giulietta. A new top model is coming, in the E-segment, with the same basis as the Maserati Ghibli which is debuting next year. Both will probably be built in Grugliasco. On top of all these models, there are also ‘specialties’ planned (that’s how Lingotto calls them). The Duetto, in cooperation with Mazda, is already in development, while the 4C will be introduced next year. This latter will also become available as a convertible (think of the Targa).



  1. Tom Tanner says:

    It all sounds great. Now lock in the plan and go with it. Stop changing your mind MR. M. I am on Alfa’s side. I want them to succeed. This plan if done correctly will be a new
    begining for Alfa Romeo and FIAT. Maserati seems to also be headed in the right direction with the very nice new models. One note is that Maserati and Alfa should not produce the same cars with each others badges. I.E. dont turn into each others main competition in the segement, That is hard not to do but they need to be careful. also FIAT should only rely on Italian production for the TOP END Alfa’s and almost all engine production in my opinion. To bad they shut down Arese!!!They could use that factory and its workers now.

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  2. Alfetta159 says:

    I think they have enough capacity in Italy without Arese. So that’s fine. The two sports cars are the most attractive to me, but I would also like to see coupes derived from the Mito, Giulietta and Giulia. Maybe they can be made at the Bertone plant?

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  3. Diego says:

    We’re actually pretty happy with what we see here. Considering all the promises and all the delays over the past years, it’d be great to see this scheme come true.

    @Tom Tanner The production capacity should be sufficient without Arese, that won’t be a problem normally. 🙂

    @Alfetta159 We, too, had hoped for those coupes you’re talking about. Perhaps they are planned for after 2016. With this scheme, it’ll all be 4-5-doors or two-seaters.

    But hey, once again, this is still great news! Let’s cross our fingers and see it turn into reality! 🙂

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  4. Ricardo says:

    This is great news! Can’t wait for a RWD Giulia… 8)

  5. Tom Tanner says:

    I think we all agree this is a great plan going ahead if they stick with it. My comment on Arese was about quality not quantity. Arese was the best Alfa plant for engine production they had.

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  6. Alfetta159 says:

    Since we already “know” that the Chrysler 200 will be fwd/4wd, I believe the Giulia will be FWD/4WD too and the E-segment car will be RWD. I can’t see a stand alone model for just Alfa with RWD unless they have found a very easy and cost effective way to make the new 200 architecture RWD. All very unlikely I think. It just will not make financial sense.

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