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2 new Maserati-coupes coming?

6 December 2012 13:24 3 comments

After the rather intimate press introduction of the new Maserati Quattroporte earlier this week, there is now more clarity on the future sports models of the brand with the trident. Maserati CEO Harald Wester had already mentioned several times that a new coupe was being considered for 2015, but there was no more information on that matter. Now, however, a few journalists from the South of France have reported interesting news; 2 completely new models are coming. Maserati wants to offer its clients everything they could possibly desire and will thus be going head-on against the Germans.

Not only a new GT, but also a mid-engined coupe is coming. Beforehand, it was very unclear whether the GranTurismo would get a worthy successor, but according to the production scheme of October, this too seems very reasonable. Even better; next to two new introductions in 2015, there is another one planned in 2016. We are carefully assuming this will be the successor of the amazing GranCabrio.

To make it easy for you, dear reader, we’ve filled in the scheme. The new light-footed mid-engined sports car will presumably be built in Modena together with the Alfa Romeo 4C. Our guess is a slightly longer platform than the Alfa and V6 and V8 engines behind the driver. We’re talking Porsche 911 and Audi R8-grounds here. Then there is the new GranTurismo, which will possibly be produced in Turin and in larger numbers than the current model. This model will share its platform with the Quattroporte/Ghibli/Levante. For this model, too, we’re expecting Maserati to offer more possibilities to its customers in order to be able to compete with comparable machinery from Germany. In short, Maserati will soon have the world for the taking. A range which completely suits the potential of this wonderful brand.



  1. Alfetta159 says:

    Looks like things are getting into gear at last. This is great news.

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  2. Diego says:

    Indeed it is. Can’t wait for it.

    The new QP has meanwhile been road tested (a thorough road test in the Netherlands by one of our colleagues, they’re the first worldwide) and they are incredibly positive.

    “They’ve changed everything which needed to be changed and kept everything which was good”.
    They say it is more comfortable, yet feels at least as sporty as the previous edition. The engine still sounds amazing, though a little more modest than the naturally aspirated V8. The interior looks terrific, the car feels light and nimble,… They concluded by saying that it beats its main rival, the Jaguar XJ Supersport.


    Though you probably won’t understand a word of what he’s saying, you can enjoy the noise of the engine. :-p

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  3. Alfetta159 says:

    Whew, that’s a relief to hear that awesome V8 noise. After reading the Autocar and Evo reviews I really did not know how the car stacked up. Evo seems to be looking for a sports car while driving a limo.

    But whether the British press will put the QP ahead of their beloved Jag we’ll have to wait and see. They generally tend to favour anything British. They’re even talking nicely about the Chinese MG 👿

    Thanks for the link Diego.

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