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100 years of Maserati starts today

3 December 2013 10:10 One comment


Maserati was founded exactly 99 years ago on December 1st 1914 by Alfieri, Ettore and Ernesto Maserati. The first vehicle, the Tipo 26, was built in 1926 and already won the famous Targa Florio in that very same year. Maserati will be celebrating its centenary in many ways throughout the next twelve months. One can see how on the special website maserati100.com (with specials around several classic models such as the 8CM below) and they’ve also made a special logo of which we already caught a glimpse in Los Angeles. Furthermore, a special book called ‘Maserati, un secolo di storia’ will be presented on December 6th. It was put together by 4 authors.


Maserati 8CM from 1933

An exclusive exposition will also be held around the summer of next year in the Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari (which is in fact the birth house of Maserati’s biggest competitor at the time). The first celebration, however, will take place this month in Maserati’s hometown Modena by means of a parade which will end on the circuit. The celebratory year will end in December next year with practically the same activity. Maserati is – commercially – more successful than ever and reports that it has already surpassed the 23.000-mark this year. This is all thanks to the new Ghibli and Quattroporte, soon to be supported by the all-new SUV Levante (late next year) and a thorough update of the mesmerizing GranTurismo.


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  1. AlfaTifoso says:

    Happy birthday Maserati! Buon compleanno Maserati, Cent’anni! 😀 8)

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