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20-2-2014 8:47


Video: the pure beauty of Lancia appreciated in US

The pure elegance which typifies so many Lancias from the past is often called ‘La linea pulita’ in Italy because they nearly all had such gorgeous and polished designs. This …


23-9-2013 23:29


Inspiring Alfa Romeo 4C review by Chris Harris

A lot has been said about the 4C here at AutoEdizione over the last few days (or months, actually). But we thought it time to show you, our regular readers, …


18-9-2013 19:06


Wonderful footage Alfa Romeo 4C

The Alfa Romeo 4C’s European market debut is accompanied by some lovely new press pictures and even a few beautiful videos. The 4C is from now on available at your …


12-8-2013 16:32


Andrea Zagato on the functional beauty of the Alfa 1900 SSZ

The Californian makers of Petrolicious.com are enthusiasts of historical Italian cars, like us. This video website dedicates a lot of their attention to making gorgeous footage of mesmerizing vehicles, and …


2-8-2013 6:41


VIDEO: Alfa 4C on circuit with Marc Gené

Alfa Romeo has released another video of their brand new 4C in action. In this case we see the small lightweight sports car going around a circuit in Spain during …


25-7-2013 13:34


Leaked advert with Maserati Ghibli

Here it is; the footage to promote the new Maserati Ghibli. As we already knew, the management of the Trident chose the Dutch city of Rotterdam and several coastal areas …


27-6-2013 11:10


Video: Alfa Romeo 4C on race track Balocco

Alfa Romeo has revealed a video of their new 4C driving around the testing grounds of Balocco. It is the first time we see a black version and perhaps this …


8-6-2013 15:48


VIDEO: the sound of the Maserati Quattroporte V6

We will soon have the honor of driving the impressive new Quattroporte ourselves (the V8), but testing of the new 410 bhp V6 TwinTurbo is already ongoing in Italy. This …


31-5-2013 14:53


VIDEO: gorgeous Ghibli roars through Dutch streets

This video shows a sporty Maserati Ghibli revving its V6 engine during a shoot for a promotion film in the Netherlands. The blue-ish color, though not particularly beautiful in itself, …


25-5-2013 11:49


Ferrari BB 512i is a piece of art (literally)

The garage of Holger Schubert looked familiar when we saw this video. Then we remembered that, back in 2009 (on our Dutch site), we already reported that the creation below …