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8-5-2015 12:55


Melfi; beating heart of the Italian economy

Lots of people are using the old cliché that Italians are only capable of making pasta and shoes because of the peninsula’s poor economy, but they couldn’t be more mistaken. …


15-4-2014 9:20


Unions confirm oncoming production D-segment Alfa Romeo

Several trade unions now confirm the rumor about the installation of the production of a new 6-cylinder engine block for Alfa Romeo. It is believed to be an extensive production …


8-1-2014 14:46


First production plans Alfa Romeo in April

April 2014 is when the official productive strategy for Alfa Romeo will be revealed. Trade union delegates reported this yesterday and they’ve already received some information in regards to the …


20-12-2013 15:30


Marchionne and Elkann promise staff better times ahead

No fancy reception at Lingotto like always for the staff, but a sober letter to say thanks and endorse the employees who have stood by Fiat SpA through this very …


16-12-2013 23:08


Altavilla: Fiat prepared for market recovery

Alfredo Altavilla had two clear messages; that the Fiat-group, due to the current preparations, will be more than ready to produce new models once the market starts to recover, and …


6-12-2013 18:10


Productive meeting with Fiat offers perspective

There has finally been a decent meeting concerning the (South) Italian Fiat-factories. It took place yesterday in Fiat’s big FPT engine factory (formerly known as FMA) in Pratola Serra (picture …


20-11-2013 10:50


Italian Senate irritated by absent attitude Fiat

Here at AutoEdizione we also wrote a few articles last summer about impending talks between Fiat and the Italian government concerning the local production for the next few years. By …


18-11-2013 10:26


Milano Auto Show 2014 kicks the butt of Turin

Milano Auto Show is the name of the new Italian motor show with international allure, and will be held from December 11th until the 21st 2014 (including two press days) …


16-10-2013 16:42


Job losses afflict Italian automotive industry on a daily basis

The crisis has been taking its toll in Italy over the last years and continues doing so, even though the first positive signs have already come from the production industry. …


10-10-2013 18:13


Italian trade union looks into production plan of Fiat until 2016

Despite the depression still overcasting the Italian economy and car market, there are more and more signs indicating there are better times ahead on an industrial level for the peninsula. …