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31-3-2015 12:07


Melfi producing some 1.000 cars every day

One thousand cars a day sounds like something from the past, but in Fiat Melfi it is today’s reality. The European market is still not in good shape, but sales …


28-3-2015 11:43


Fiat’s future city car gets unique bodywork

This boot lid of a Fiat 500L is an extraordinary demonstration of Italian technological knowhow. It is made from a new kind of fiber with a vegetable basis and will, …


27-3-2015 21:08


Fiat Sevel celebrates 5 million produced units

Fiat’s giant van factory Sevel (Società Europea Veicoli Leggeri) in Atessa has achieved a major milestone yesterday with the production of its 5.000.000th unit. The van in question was a …


24-3-2015 8:37


C-segment Fiat sedan spotted in proper bodywork

The development of a Fiat can evolve quickly, especially when the platform is already in existence. This is their new C-segment sedan in its proper bodywork being tested in icy …


19-1-2015 20:03


Fiat 500X all set for market debut

It might very well be Fiat’s most important commercial moment in years; the introduction of the 500X in Italian showrooms. Something that hasn’t happened since the long-gone 2007 when the …


14-1-2015 10:21


1.500 extra jobs for Fiat Melfi

As you have been able to read on this website already, the Fiat-factory in San Nicola di Melfi is going through busy times. A few days ago it was announced …


8-1-2015 10:35


Updated interior Fiat 500 spotted

Fiat seems to have come up with a useful though not overly intrusive update of their 500’s interior. The picture on top might not seem too clear at first sight, …


5-1-2015 16:03


Fiat 500 ready for facelift after 7 years

Timeless as its design may be, even the Fiat 500 needs to keep up with modern times. Fiat seems to be planning the first thorough (exterior) update of the 500 …


16-12-2014 15:44


Fiat-group now officially called FCA Italy SpA

The company that was on paper still called Fiat Group Amotomobiles SpA has as of yesterday changed its name to FCA Italy SpA. This new name of the largest car …


12-9-2014 9:44


Fiat 500X motorizations made public

We’ve managed to find some information on the engines Fiat’s newcomer, the 500X, will be offered with. The first press pictures are expected later this month, while the presentation of …