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26-6-2013 17:01


Ferrari Enzo and FXX of Michael Schumacher on sale

Those of you who really love Ferrari Scuderia, and are rather wealthy, are going to be very pleased to read this; the impressive black FXX of Michael Schumacher is on …


1-10-2012 17:54


Ferrari reveals technique of successor Enzo

Ferrari is offering the visitors in Paris a unique glance at the very advanced technique of the successor of the Enzo which will be revealed next year. Carbon fiber and …


8-6-2012 17:25


Scoop: Enzo successor almost ready

Today an Italian newspaper showed some photo’s of the next Enzo. The car is rather lightly covered with black foil and without other materials to cover its design. So these …


15-5-2012 11:44


Ferrari Enzo successor will be a super hybrid

Ferrari has said the all-new successor of the Enzo will be a groundbreaking hybrid machine.  Their heritage and experience in the world of motor racing, has allowed the Maranello outfit …


26-4-2012 16:57


Rare Ferrari Enzo hammered off in historical Dubai auction

A million euro Ferrari Enzo was auctioned yesterday at the Al Quasis industrial area, thought to be the most expensive police sale in history. The Daily Mail reported a total …


24-4-2012 20:18


Ferrari adopts electrical power in new HY-KERS system

The Scuderia from Maranello plans to expand its HY-KERS platform with a system designed for the new V12 flagship that will replace the Enzo. Fitted to a dual-clutch transmission system …


19-4-2012 13:05


Ferrari Enzo II, Spy Shots

WorldCarFans.com gives us the heavily camouflaged pictures of the next generation Ferrari Enzo. This car is internally called F70, which is a working title for this extraordinary vehicle. At Geneva Luca …


13-3-2012 20:28


Introduction Ferrari Enzo successor by invitation

The development of the Ferrari Enzo successor, according to Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, is almost completed and ready to be introduced to a select public. This effectively means the ordinary …


29-12-2011 19:43


Is this the successor of the Ferrari Enzo?

At the end of 2012 Ferrari will present the successor of the mighty Enzo and it seems to be that this new hypercar has been spotted for the first time. …


1-10-2011 13:27


Ferrari Enzo abandoned in the desert

These unbelievable pictures of an abandoned Ferrari Enzo in Dubai, shows a remarkable result of the economic crisis. It is believed that the Ferrari was left on it’s own in …