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4-2-2014 18:30


Maserati launches mythical video with their Ghibli

Maserati has taken advantage of the monumentally high viewership of the Super Bowl by broadcasting a very inspiring commercial during the commercial breaks. Though the message is not literally pronounced, …


5-12-2012 16:08

500L Trekking spotje

Another commercial with the Fiat 500L Trekking

Fiat has revealed a series of lovely commercials in America. Yesterday we already saw a spicy new creation to promote the (Fiat) 500C with Abarth-logo and other, equally daring, adverts …


5-12-2012 14:06

Abarth spot

Abarth advert nominated for best American TV-commercial

The commercial “Seduction” of Abarth, which surprised the entire world a year ago, is nominated for ‘Best TV Commercial’ in America. The commercial was a big success and was seen …


27-11-2012 14:26


Fiat 500L commercial ‘Growing up is cool’ wins Key Award 2012

During the 44th edition of the national Key Award elections in Milan yesterday, Fiat won a prize for the commercial of the new 500L. ‘Crescere è cool’ or ‘Growing up …


25-9-2012 15:53


New Alfa Romeo Giulietta commercial makes women jealous

Alfa Romeo has started a new advertising campaign for the Giulietta in Italy. The key themes of the clip are beauty, passion and seduction. ‘What do you have, what I don’t?’ is …


21-9-2012 12:21


More video’s of the Fiat 500L

Just recently you could see the new Fiat 500L commercial. The video showed a little boy who used touchscreen movements to enlarge his surroundings. The underlying message was clear: the …


17-9-2012 14:28


Commercial campaign Fiat 500L

Yesterday the new TV commercial of the Fiat 500L was aired for the first time. The leading role in the commercial is (besides for the Fiat 500L) for a rascal …


18-7-2012 10:12


American Fiat 500 commercial looks like production from Hollywood

The American Fiat 500 commercial (titled ‘Immigrants’) which we showed you yesterday was quite the filmic ‘masterpiece’ and certainly more than just a lousy computer animation. Fiat even had a …


17-7-2012 12:29


American Fiat 500 commercial about immigration

Another great Fiat 500 commercial aired and it was even better than the last ones. After the successes of Romanian top models, Italian speaking babies and Charlie Sheen, we now …


2-3-2012 21:38


Charlie Sheen in new Abarth commercial: bad boys united

The North American commercial policy of Abarth is on a roll again, this time with ‘enfant terrible’ Charlie Sheen. Like the first commercial, yet again we see the sensual ‘Italian’ …