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8-5-2014 12:34

500L-advertisement with Godzilla

Fiat strikes again with this well-made and comic advertisement for their 500L. We’ve seen many creative videos already which create the necessary buzz for the 500’s big brother, but this …


19-3-2014 15:52


Fiat recalls 18.092 500L’s in US

Fiat recalls 18.092 units of their 500L in the US concerning a production error of the robotized automatic. The DDCT with dual dry clutch (known as Alfa’s TCT in Europe) …


14-2-2014 10:58


Great new Fiat 500L advert from the US

Fiat keeps on surprising us with well-considered adverts from the United States, like this last one with the 500L. Two funny characters are strolling through the desert while looking rather …


13-12-2013 14:06


Fiat 500L on LPG goes into production this winter

The versatile Fiat 500L will soon go on sale with a factory finished LPG-installation. Those willing to buy one can expect deliveries to start somewhere in March as the production …


2-12-2013 17:28


Fiat 500L with Sistine Chapel-ceiling finished

The Italian artist Nicola Verlato has finished his rather impressive artwork; painting a fragment of the ceiling painting of the Sistine Chapel in Rome onto the ceiling of a Fiat …


20-11-2013 10:34


Fiat 500L with Sistine Chapel ceiling

The Fiat 500L is a lovely piece of Italian design as it is, but how about one with an artistic ceiling? The Italian artist Nicola Verlato will be fitting the …


19-11-2013 14:01


Fiat puts extra robots in Serbian factory

Fiat Automobili Srbija (FAS) yesterday announced that the factory gates will be closed from today until next week Monday (November 25th) due to works on the assembly lines of the …


1-11-2013 19:28


Problematic supply Fiat Serbia because of protest

The production of the Fiat 500L in Serbia was forced to stop a few days back due to a persisting protest of a transport company. The roads and railways around …


26-9-2013 19:17


Fiat 500L possibly soon as Abarth with 180 hp

The wonderful 500L might be too much of a softy for some people, but that might soon change once those people can head to their Abarth-dealership to order one. The …


7-8-2013 11:17


‘Backseat Italians’; hilarious American Fiat 500L advert

It seems like Fiat has become addicted to making incredibly fun adverts for the US market. The 500L was only introduced about a month and a half ago, but it’s …