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Scoop: first glimpse of the Fiat Viaggio

12 April 2012 17:08 No comments

Fiat Viaggio teaser Scoop: first glimpse of the Fiat Viaggio

Tomorrow the Fiat Viaggio will be revealed for the full 100%, but in the meantime you can check out these first pictures, so stay tuned for more information and pictures. First of all there is the prominent horizontal grille with three overlying framework elements that strongly reminds us of the recently introduced (during easter) 2012 Fiat Linea in Turkey. This Fiat only has two whereas the Viaggio has three, both made of chrome and the same rounded outline. The heavily camouflaged test Viaggio’s that were shot in China (picture) already gave a hint that the Viaggio would not be the same as its American equivalent the Dodge Dart. The back of the Viaggio is also adjusted according to the standard Fiat wanted. The Dodge Dart has curved, sweeping rear lights, but from this point of view the Viaggio appears to be more distinguished from its counterpart.

fiat viaggio 614 Scoop: first glimpse of the Fiat Viaggio

The Viaggio will be built in China and has its own personal look. If we put the Linea next to it, we can identify the first signs of a global trend Fiat wants to establish in this segment. As Fiat has set out a new strategy for the upcoming years, this effectively means these C-segment cars make up Fiats highest top segment. They will play their own part in the youthful, family feeling character Fiat has established. FGA’s first production targets for the Viaggio are set at around 170,000 units per year.

fiat viaggio 6111 550x159 Scoop: first glimpse of the Fiat Viaggio

Fiat Viaggio spy Scoop: first glimpse of the Fiat Viaggio


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