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    Italy is warming up for a new Fiat with true Crossover characteristics that will listen to the name 500X. This newcomer from the Melfi plant will start being produced at the end of this summer right alongside […]

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    The subject today wasn’t selling a struggling Italian car factory to a German manufacturer, but the fact that Fiat starts with a new era at Mirafiori in Turin. This is the very place where once more cars were […]

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    Two reasons why Maserati isn’t planning on producing more than 75.000 cars a year; the limited production capacity and the guarantee of exclusivity. That’s the maximum number they hope to achieve every year […]

  • That’s a brief statement… But it’s enough. :-)
    Thanks @Alan McNamara!

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    A recent article by a Turin newspaper stated the remarkable fact that the management of FCA would have openly declared that Lancia will not remain in its diminished role for very long. Why not make it public […]

    • let’s hope!!! but if they revive it, I hope down the right track and not hollywood again…

    • I have always thought this would happen. If they are investing so much on Alfa. It does not make sense to throw away Lancia which also has immense heritage.

  • FCA-VW

    Is the Volkswagen-group planning on taking over Fiat Chrysler Automobiles as a whole? According to a rather worrying rumor on the Italian stock exchange this morning, they are. This quite calm period in the annual cucumber time is often perfect for dropping a bomb like that onto the exchange. But unlike previous times when only Alfa Romeo or…[Read more]

  • Fiat-communicatie

    An improved production process is not the only thing FCA is working on. They’ve now acquired two new communication talents formerly employed at Toyota and Tesla. The big chief Claudio d’Amico pulled Simona Magnarelli away from Toyota Motor Italia and did the same with Roberto Toro from Tesla. Together with Maria Conti, who earlier stepped over…[Read more]

  • wcm

    Just like in Pomigliano d’Arco, Melfi will soon be a Fiat-plant in which production takes place by means of the highest standards imaginable; World Class Manufacturing. This factory soon to start producing the Jeep Renegade and Fiat 500X shall by the end of this year also witness the opening of the World Class Manufacturing Academy. A…[Read more]

  • Cross1

    The new Fiat Panda Cross is finished and looks absolutely fabulous. Having had the presentation in Geneva, Fiat is now preparing for its launch on the European market in September. As we’ve often said on this website before we are convinced the basic concept of the Fiat Panda is a shot in the rose. The somewhat Spartan yet cleverly designed…[Read more]

  • FCA-milano

    The organization of the new Italian motor show Milano Auto Show said earlier this week that FCA has agreed on attending the event after all. All Italian brands will be present in the expo halls of Rho Fiera from the 11th to the 21st of December. It should be an amazing show with lots of outdoor activities and attention to cars from the future…[Read more]

  • Maserati-dealer

    Maserati is doing extremely well with its new Ghibli and Quattroporte and means to expand its list of dealerships. Five hundred points of sale is the target by halfway through 2016, so says CEO Harald Wester. The goal for this year is 400 dealerships in December, meaning a 25% increase in 18 months’ time is due if they are to succeed. Wester…[Read more]

  • FCA-Wall-Street

    August 1st 2014 is the day when Marchionne and his companions plan to get the green light to officially bring Fiat Chrysler Automobiles into life. Fiat has already filed the Registration Statement Form f-4 at the American SEC as a foreign owner to receive the approval for replacing shares (41,5% of them).

    Fiat Chrysler Automobiles then…[Read more]

  • apple-carplay-fiat1

    After participating in Google’s Open Automotive Alliance, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has now decided it will also make use of Apple CarPlay – the car interface technology of Apple. The new multimedia system of FCA Uconnect is in development as we reported earlier this week and it will incorporate usability with Android and iOS as well (whereas…[Read more]

  • uconnect1

    The development of board computers and their software/interactivity is ever continuous. FCA is therefore already working on the next installation of their current platform Uconnect. Future models in small and higher segments of Italian and American brands will be fitted with this newest technology. Accenture, a global company settled in…[Read more]

    • Good! Infotainment has been a weak spot for Alfa and FGA in the past. FCA now also joined the official Apple CarPlay partner list with its brands! :)

  • lapo-ghibli

    This Maserati Ghibli is not a subtly covered testing mule, but instead the newest property of Fiat’s style icon Lapo Elkann. Agnelli’s grandson posted this picture on his Facebook-page and of course provoked a lot of reactions in doing so. The man behind Ferrari’s Tailor Made-program is quite brilliant at PR (check the number plate) as nearly…[Read more]

  • pauls-duurtest

    Time for a new rubric at AutoEdizione, being a first long-term test by our reporter/photographer Paul Vaarkamp. Paul chose for the newest version of the Alfa Romeo MiTo in which he’s driven his first few thousand kilometers by now. Alfa’s smallest is our most tested car in reviews and is therefore no coincidental candidate for this first-off.…[Read more]

  • FCA-EU (1)

    While the market in Europe is regaining a bit of its strength (+4,3% in May and +5,8% over the first 5 months), Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is still having trouble getting their sales up (-2,9%). Last month was again disappointing due to the struggling Italian market which is of course the most important one for Lingotto in Europe (EU +…[Read more]

  • Trust me, I drive a Delta on a day-to-day basis (over 50.000 km/year) and it’s a wonderful car. Admittedly, the infotainment system is starting to show its age, but other than that I have nothing but praise for it. Haven’t had a single problem with it (except that my right headlight stopped working last week but the car was just up for maintenance…[Read more]

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  • F12-TRS

    Well-informed sources claim this wonderfully designed open version of the F12berlinetta is a one-off and thus an entirely new creation by Ferrari Special Projects. Though these unique machines usually go through life with the indication ‘SP’ on them, it is claimed that the recently patented logo ‘F12 TRS’ (picture below)  will be found on this…[Read more]

  • I don’t know… They’ve kept on trying with Lancia over the last ten years but without success. The Delta and Ypsilon are both tremendously good, but nearly no one even considers them when looking for a new car in those segments. Alfa Romeo still has that desirability to it that I’m afraid Lancia no longer has (in Europe at least). I do hope…[Read more]

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