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  • No words needed. Just watch the video and be overwhelmed. This, apparently, is how you do a proper car introduction.


  • The Alfa Romeo Giulia has caused/is causing quite the stir at the moment. It’s obvious that the new daring design language divides opinions. The majority loves it, others say it’s high treason and despise the […]

  • The Alfa Romeo Giulia was launched in Arese yesterday, as the entire world probably knows by now. The car that was photographed two days ago really was the actual thing, as we’d expected. The aggressive yet […]

    • I guess this is the front end of the GTA and other care will have a less “wild” front end…

    • I think some of the criticism is a little unfair. Cars like the 156 and 159 set a high standard for beautiful designs. However this is the first of the new Alfa’s so it needed a new design language. This Giulia ain’t pretty, but I think on the road it will have presence and an attitude that a more elegant solution might have lacked. After all many of the Alfa’s from the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s weren’t beautiful either, but many of them were still great cars. The 164 for example looked quite derivative in some ways, but was still more stylish than rivals

    • Nice, thanks will look great sitting next to my GTV6 in the garage. Bravo Alfa Romeo

    • It would be interesting if we take a readers’ poll here how many think the Giulia looks pretty enough for them to actually consider it as a comparable alternative to say a BMW, and write a cheque for it, and how many are from FCA’s target major markets, like the U.S. Non-discriminating, and purely subjective and for curiosity.
      Afterall this important Alfa is as much about commercial success as it is for branding.
      It would give an interesting indication on whether FCA had made a correct commercial decision regarding its looks and appeal.

  • @Nils That’s when the press pictures will be revealed (as we’ve stated in this article).

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  • @RobertGT You know what we mean. Press pictures will give us a much better idea. If what you’re saying were true, then almost nobody would be able to judge the LaFerrari, Huayra,… As very few get the chance to see those in real life.

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  • There is no streaming unfortunately Michael, confirmed by Alfa Romeo.

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    13:01 The big day is finally here. Four more hours and the renaissance of Alfa Romeo by means of the entirely new D-segment Giulia becomes a fact. We will be bringing live coverage from Arese and one of our […]

  • @SportSpider We are aware of those drawings. There are even some of the interior as well, but we question their integrity so we won’t post them here. :-)

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  • All Italian car enthusiasts – and especially Alfisti – went in overdrive yesterday evening when we suddenly saw two pictures of the Giulia appearing. We, too, were shocked. They’d made it this far without any […]

  • Ecco l’Alfa Romeo Giulia! The name is hereby confirmed and it’s an impressive appearance with serious cojones. The offensive of FCA by means of Alfa Romeo is now a fact. This sports sedan pur sang (of which […]

    • Brilliant! I’m glad they’ve went with something modern and new, and not just rehashed the 156 and 159. Yet it still looks like an elegant Alfa to me. Don’t like that Giulia badge though, the old typeface is much more elegant. Can’t wait to see the front and find out more.

  • Here we are again with a few new pictures of a heavily camouflaged Alfa Romeo ‘Giulia’ taken in Modena. We notice two exhausts on both sides – meaning this is definitely the Quadrigolio Verde or GTA version – […]

  • Completely agree with you. But the D-segment is mainly aimed towards businessmen who do travel quite a lot. A Polo can’t be compared to the Giulia. Of course it would be better if they offered a less powerful petrol engine as well, but costs need to be made to do so. And they probably don’t think it’s worth it (which is most likely correct).

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  • @Thanos. How many petrol 3-series, A4 or C-classes do we see on our Belgian roads (I’m Belgian as well)? They are practically all diesel versions and the petrol ones that are bought are normally more powerful.
    Alfa has their 1.4 MultiAir, but it is very unlikely that they will offer it in the Giulia.

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  • @Adam That’s just a random sketch like there are so many. 😉

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  • It is not uncommon for Fiat to mess things up a little when they facelift one of their models, but with a winner like the 500 they couldn’t afford to. This new version needs to last for another 4 years at […]

  • It is hard to remember a moment when entire Italy was so impatiently looking forward to the launch of a new model like it is doing right now with the Alfa Romeo ‘Giulia’. In fact, we can’t think of any sedan […]

  • @Frances Carlson What do you mean exactly? What do you have in stock?

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  • The Dutch magazine Autovisie has published an interview with Harald Wester in its latest edition that came out today. The main subject was the Giulia – what else? – and how important this model actually is for […]

  • We’ve stumbled upon an article of Panorama.it, an Italian magazine based in Milan, who have apparently managed to interview a number of employees in Alfa Romeo’s secret skunkworks where the Giulia has been […]

  • The gents of Omniauto.it wrote an article yesterday in which they claimed the newly developed 2.2l MultiJet diesel of the Jeep Cherokee would most likely also be offered in Alfa Romeo’s new D-segment model. […]

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