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Maserati MC12 successor based on LaFerrari?

26 March 2013 8:16 No comments


While the Enzo was quite impressive, the Maserati MC12 wasn’t bad either and even flexed its muscles in several competitions. The last MC12 Stradale with the gorgeous pearl and blue colors was produced 8 years ago (picture). Now, however, the British CAR Magazine claims there is an even more impressive ‘beast’ in the making by the brand with the trident: the MC12 would be given a limited-edition successor based on the incredible LaFerrari. The hybrid technique of the new Ferrari wouldn’t be used by the firm from Modena, but the mighty V12 would be. Result? A 1225kg (2700 pounds)-weighing Italian supercar producing 800 bhp.

Maserati could start with a small series production in the ‘Motor Valley’ in 2015, but might just choose their 100th anniversary year (2014) for the presentation. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate this glorious luxury sports brand and all of its achievements.


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