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Lamborghini opens new indestructible workplace

5 July 2012 21:34 No comments

Today Automobili Lamborghini has opened a new special division within the factory of Sant’Agata Bolognese. It is Lamborghini’s answer to the two recent violent earthquakes in this region because this hall is completely ‘natural disaster-proof’. And that’s not such a bad idea, given the fact that this is the place where the manufacturer with the roaring bull will be developing its prototypes from now on. One example is the very exclusive Sesto Elemento (picture below).

It is also the first productive location within the Italian car industry with ‘Energy label A’ (≤ 30kWh/m3 per year) and is thus a very green environment to work in. The roof is completely covered in solar panels (picture below). By 2015, Lamborghini wants the entire factory to meet these requirements, reducing the CO2 emissions even more. The brand is also trying to make its cars greener and is trying to achieve a 35% decrease of CO2 emissions. Lamborghini trying to be environmentally correct sounds like a joke, but it isn’t. The firm has, for example, contributed to the greening in Sant’Agata Bolognese (Parco Lamborghini) by purchasing 10.000 young plants. This project is a part of an extensive research on the relationship between CO2 emissions and plant density.

According to minister of environment Corrado Clini, these kinds of locations can push Italy forwards economically and give it a global example function. Of course also CEO Stephan Winkelmann was present at the introduction. Clini called this hypermodern hall an example for the Emilian resilience during these difficult times of crisis and natural disasters. It shows how strong Italy is as an industrial country, so he said.


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