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Germans vote Alfa Romeo MiTo 2nd best in its class

6 February 2013 18:01 6 comments


EDIT: The Alfa Romeo MiTo is top-notch and attractive, that’s what the readers of the German magazine Auto Motor und Sport have decided. In the annual election “Besten Auto des Jahres” (import category), the – in 2008 introduced – small ‘Biscione’ was only beaten by its German rival Mini in the small cars-category. Quite impressive for a German survey… The MiTo won against no less than 29 competitors. It is not the first time that Alfa Romeo has won something in these elections; the Alfetta, GTV, 156, 147 and 159 already preceded the MiTo. This small Italian got 15% of the votes on its name. 112.877 people gave their opinion.



  • Profile photo of Alfetta159
    Alfetta159 writes:

    Shocking! Needs to be published in the British press!

  • Profile photo of Mattia
    Mattia writes:

    Its the best import. German cars are not included becose at AM&S those always have the untouchable status of members of the great german carlobby. Das AutoReich :mrgreen:

  • Profile photo of pumadog
    pumadog writes:

    I’m confused where the Mito actually made the 1st place this year. I know it did, but where? Apparently it’s #6 in the general small car voting, #2 for imports… http://www.auto-motor-und-sport.de/news/die-besten-autos-2013-bei-den-kleinwagen-audi-a1-gewinnt-zum-dritten-mal-6391568.html

    Btw, why does AutoEdizione almost never link source articles?

  • Profile photo of Diego
    Diego writes:

    Well, it was actually Fiat Germany who published an incorrect press release as it seems. They actually reported that the MiTo had won, while it indeed seems like the Mini won. Perhaps they didn’t agree with the Mini being an ‘imported’ car as it is actually German but built in Britain…
    And pumadog, we nearly always refer to our source if the news isn’t coming directly from Fiat? :-)

  • Profile photo of pumadog
    pumadog writes:

    I din’t know if the press release was wrong, the AMS article or some other difference. It was announced that the Mito won the award for the 5th time which made it the most successful Alfa ever in those votings – and I think I also read that at AMS. Can’t find it again…

    Source linking: Really? I got a different picture! :-P I generally like to check the original sources because things tend to get lost in translation sometimes.

  • Profile photo of Diego
    Diego writes:

    Hehe, we’ll keep it in mind. :-p

    And perhaps it was all just a mix-up. The important thing is the MiTo did great and is clearly appreciated everywhere! :-D

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