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Alfa Romeo 4C Spider (Targa) spotted for the first time

7 November 2013 9:59 5 comments


The testing phase of the open Alfa Romeo 4C Spider or Targa has started, as we can see in these pictures taken by Autoblog.it. This model, which is to arrive on the market next year, will differ from its closed brother from the part above the engine up to the roof above the two seats. Perhaps it is somewhat of a more compact version of the foldable system which Ferrari uses for its 458 Spider. In that case the 1750 turbo-engine will get a new transparent cover. Tests of the American 4C are in the meantime also ongoing. First deliveries of the ‘regular’ Alfa 4C in series production will only start early 2014. It speaks for itself that this convertible version will cost a bit more than the coupé, although it will of course remain a bargain if you look at the performance this machine is capable of.




  • Profile photo of AlfaTifoso
    AlfaTifoso writes:

    Nice to see new Alfa Romeo’s coming.

    BTW Carscoops.com said Giulia could be released late next year. I hope it’s true.

    Then after Giulia in early 2015 they could release Alfetta/169. :-D :-D :-D 8)

  • Profile photo of AlfaTifoso
    AlfaTifoso writes:

    I wonder when they release new Alfa Romeo Spider based on Mazda MX5, all I know is it’s on schedule :!:

  • Profile photo of Diego
    Diego writes:

    @AlfaTifoso The Duetto is planned for late 2015 normally… :-)

  • Profile photo of pumadog
    pumadog writes:

    Was that “late” ’15 confirmed somewhere or just a guess by journalists?

  • Profile photo of Diego
    Diego writes:

    It is scheduled for production start somewhere in 2015. ;-)

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